«During the break in the AHL match, a rider left and melted all the ice.» Hartley spoke about the most unusual match of his career

Avangard head coach Bob Hartley spoke about the most unusual web page match of his career ahead of the match with Ak Bars in Dubai (UAE).

«As coaches in the AHL, Jacques Cloutier and I witnessed the most unusual situation in my memory. I coached the Cornwell Aces and we played against the Greensboro Monarchs. They brought the famous NASCAR racer, now I don’t remember his name. After the first period, he went to the ice in his car. In other matches, there were not very many spectators in the stands, but that day there was a full house, about 18 thousand fans.

And then the car drives to the very center, people are crazy with delight, they ask the rider to get out, which he does, goes around the entire ice rink, greeting the fans, it takes a few minutes, then he returns to the car, waves in the direction of the stands and drives off. And the engine was so hot and, apparently, was very close to the ice, that a huge puddle formed under the car.

All possible ways were tried to bring the ice into proper condition, but, unfortunately, the damage was so great, plus it was in the very center of the ice, that in the end the match had to be canceled. It turns out that we traveled 10-12 hours by bus to play 20 minutes. It was truly unusual! The match was postponed to another date, «- the official website of Omsk residents quotes Hartley.

The Avangard — web page Ak site Bars match will be held in Dubai on December 3 as part of the KHL World Games event.