«Melodia» will release a piano version of Natalia Tchaikovskaya’s album «Two.»

On October 14, 2021, Natalia Tchaikovskaya’s new album will be published digitally. Well-known tunes from the album «Two» will be adapted for two pianos on the track list.

The album «Two» was released in May 2019. Natalia Tchaikovskaya’s instrumental compositions «Happy Birthday,» «Celebration,» «Steal Me to Paris,» «Time,» «Two,» «Wedding Waltz,» «How Long I Have Been Waiting for You,» «Summer Rain,» «Reflection,» and «Morning» were then performed for the first time.

In the new edition of the album, these songs will be performed by a Franco-Russian piano duet — Honored Artist of Russia, pianist Lyudmila Berlinskaya, and laureate of international competitions, web page composer, pianist Arthur Ansel, who also functioned as the author of piano transcriptions of works — Some of the new transcription’s tracks were first performed by artists in 2019 during the Moscow premiere of the album «Two,» while others will be available for listening only when the piano version of the album is published.

Melodiya created the piano CD with the help of Ray Records, a music publishing company. Pavel Lavrenenkov, two-time Grammy nominee and Honored Artist of Russia, is a professor at VGIK, the Moscow Conservatory, web site and the Institute of Contemporary Art, as well as the Pure Sound Prize winner. Maria Soboleva is a mixing and editing professional and the winner of the Pure Sound Prize «Elena Sych.» The recording took place at Mosfilm’s renowned tone studio.

The album will be available on all digital platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Yandex.Music, and Deezer. Melodiya will release the album on vinyl at the end of November.