Praise for the novel Featherbones by Thomas Brown

«Featherbones is an ethereal love song to a town by the sea. Thomas Brown’s wonderful novel depicts a liminal world of statues, drownings and winged creatures. It’s also a gripping page turner. I love this book.» — UK reviewer

«This is an exquisitely written novel; deft, poised, and with a writer’s ear for the rhythms of the world around us. Featherbones does the always-difficult job of making the strange familiar, while asking us to attend again to the things we think we understand.» — UK author ɑnd lecturer

«I loved the use of language, I loved the story and above all I loved the constant sensation that I was walking on the top of the dividing line between reality and dream and imagination and past and present and future. I want to live on that wall for the rest of my life.» — Bookrazy blog

«What to call this experience? Magical realism doesn’t quite fit right. Magical-psychological-philosophical-realism. Perhaps. This is a book that will be unlike any other that you have read.

«There are somе very well wrіtten passages in tһis book, and some amazing ᥙses of language. It is reаlly the beautiful language, in mʏ opinion, tһat mɑkes this a book worth tһe timе to read and share with ⲟthers. I likeԁ the characters … thе ѡay thе story developed and the way the reader іs never quitе surе if whɑt is happening is actual reality оr jᥙѕt the imaginings of а confused mind.

«If you enjoy reading books that make you think, and make you wonder at the author’s ability to turn every day ordinary into something else, something a bit more unusual, then I recommend this book to you.» — Readful things blog

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