Why music affects our emotions like this

«Why does music have a direct impact on our emotions? What is the evolutionary significance of this phenomenon?» Asks Philip Lerish who sent us his inquiry through e-mail.

Each person has the emotional strength of music that carries us periodically into the soul.

If we drive music in a rock club and https://godotengine.org/qa/user/Trachasys listen to the Romantics Ballad, we could have a great yearning for webpage unrequited love.

Music is stronger than our feelings can be described by words.

But the reasons behind this are not, as our reader correctly points out, on the surface.

«I know how attractive the rhythm is, and I know what concerns forecasting, surprise and satisfaction. «It’s a mystery,» he continued, «but why it acts deep down upon us.» All this explains why the music is intriguing.